Monday, 30 September 2013

Poundshop Haul...

Hello, It's that time again... another haul (and probably not the last of this week because my loan has just came in YAY!) but this one was when I was on a budget... Bargain beauty! I found all of these little gems in the pound shops around Leeds... mainly from the same ones! All because of watching Youtube videos... oh how convincing the internet is.. DAMN! However, I love all of the things I got especially the perfumes!

MAJOR INK EXPLOSION (Que Friends quote!) Anyone get that pun?

Cannot believe I found these in the pound shop when they're still in drugstores for £4.99!
They look gorgeous under foundation to give a lovely dewy glow but also as highlights ... I use the Wake Me Up foundation so these are a perfect accompaniment!
Here are the links to them in Superdrug:

A mascara by my favourite mascara brand... L'oreal and I chose brown for something a bit different! They're was a black as well.. this gives tons of volume AND length to my lashes.. I love this!

This is similar to the whole 'paintpot' trend going around at the minute... similar to mac paint pots and maybelline colour tattoos this is a cream eyeshadow which has an amazing colour! I love this as both an eyeshadow base and a outer corner colour.


These Astor products both came in a pack of two and I love all of the products especially the lipsticks!

These two perfumes are the biggest steal ever! If you can get past the cringey names and bottles the smell is amazing! 
The yellow has a lovely floral sweet notes and smells expensive, much more expensive than a pound!
The second has a blackcurrant and liquorice scent... similar to loverdose by diesel! Love these two!

Get yourselves to pound land to find a beauty bargain ... I love everything I got in hindsight!

Whats your best pound shop buy?

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Style it Saturday

Hello all, This post is part of 'Style it Saturday', Que what it is all about: 
"Style It Saturday is a celebration of individuality which allows bloggers involved to showcase their own unique style. Each month there is a theme which we interpret to suit our styles and shapes, in order to share ideas and put our own imaginations to the test!"

This week the theme is ... Voluptuous Vixen
I figured my take on this would have to be an outfit to accentuate my fuller figure! The best way to do this is bodycon... With a floaty top to balance it out! This is personally an outfit I would wear on a night out with it being so comfortable.. that is my key... Balls to sucky in pants I love to boogie all night so worrying about my chubby tummy being out is just not an issue! I got the skirt in the Topshop sale last winter it looks amazing dressed up and down! I love wearing it just as much during the day with some vans and a band tee. The cami is from Primark and the fit is just lovely, I bought this a size up so it falls to a perfect length on the body! I loved it so much I bought it in blue too... damn seeing it in work all the time and falling in love, I can never just buy one colour!
I also took this theme on with my hair and make up! Big hair and a sultry shiny red lip!

Skirt- Topshop- £13.50
Cami- Primark- £5.00
Flatforms- River Island- £35.00
Socks- Asda- 50p
Watch- Michael Kors
Necklace- Forever 21

Face- Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
High Beam Highlight
Nars Orgasm Blush
Eyes- Metallic Pomegranate Maybelline Colour Tattoo
Naked Palette- Darkhorse
Lips- Rimmel Apocolypse Big Bang

Socks and Sandals... Don't shoot me! I love how they look together :)

Look at that huge BUM!! Learning the embrace it...

A bit off guard but I like this nonetheless...

Rings L-R:
Infinity Above Knuckle- Primark
Double Finger- Topshop
Above Knuckle- Primark
Triangle Ring- Primark
Thumb Ring- Claire's

Hair- Victory Roll and pinned back into a half up/half down do!

Starey Posey Photo!

Thank you for reading this.. If you got to the end! Hope you enjoyed reading this/ enjoyed my outfit!
Do you like this outfit?
Robyn xoxo

The other lovely bloggers taking part are...

Friday, 27 September 2013

The best car boot sale haul ever...

Nars Lipstick- Roman Holiday
Nars 'The Multiple'- Orgasm
Mac Lipstick in Viva Glam- May not be real ... looks like an eBay copy
L'oreal Colour Riche Serum- Freshly Rose

All have been disinfected with anti bacterial wipes... 

Without Flash

Blush, Eyeshadows and Lipsticks
All 50p EACH! 

At a recent carboot sale (everyone knows I am a badger for them!) there was a lovely woman and her daughter were selling tons of amazing make up so I had a root through and found some absolute corkers. I could have bought a load more too but I didn't want to clear her whole stand.  This is possibly one of the best buys of my carboot saling history! I've only had them a little while and I've used all of the lipsticks and the multiple several times with great outcomes!

The blue eyeshadows also came in extrmely handy for my superhero costume night as a base for all of my glitter :
BAM! However, it may look super cool but it was the biggest ballache to get off EVER!

What do you think of my buys? Have you seen any of them on sale recently?


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Florals on a chilly day...

Dress- Miss Selfridge- £12
Jumper- Primark - £6
Necklace- New Look (via Car Boot Sale)- £1.50
Leggings- Internacionale- £12.99
Scrunchie- eBay- 99p

Hello! I am writing today from a very hungover pug laiden bed. I am tired and grumpy and it's all my own fault.. or my good friend tesco value cider! This is the outfit I wore for Uni on Tuesday! It was a bit chilly so I paired one of my all time favourite dresses with a thin knit jumper from Primark. I tied a knot to give my figure more shape.. Rather than just looking like a sack of spuds! I got up late actually thats why my hairs shoved up in a messy ponytail with this cute scrunchie!! Such a bargain as well!
I do wear shoes by the way I know they never seem to be in my photos but theyre downstairs ... too much hassle!

How are you feeling today!?

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Urban Outfitters Wishlist... A/W13

8. (OOPS messed up the numbers!) Tartan Skirt- £38

All links are CLICKABLE! :)

Obsessed is a word which springs to mind when I think of clothes from urban outfitters... everything is so boho chic and stunning.. however, I am too much of a bargain lover to ever consider paying £38 for a cami top... as beautiful as it may be... Alas, this is just a lust wish list as everything is out of my price range! Maybe Christmas might want to treat me... 

Whats your favourite piece here? 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Monki Wishlist...

(all links below.)

I am literally in LOVE with everything on this post... Get me to the London store now! So sad.. And i totally begrudge paying 6 quid shipping... ASOS please stock more Monki and that would be perfect! Particular Shoutout to anything with an animal in this post... especially that skirt... swoooooon I would love to wear this with a plain tee and some chunky boots :( ... I wish it could be mine! Also, loving the torte shell purse.. It looks so chic and its such a great price.

Monki stuff is so reasonably priced I just wish there were more stores around the UK and it would be perfect.. All of there prints are bang on trend but still manage to keep their own unique and quirky edge, they also do the most beautifully fitting basics!

If anyone would like to buy me any of these let me know please?!

Whats your favourite piece? Have you ever shopped in Monki before?


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Room Tour...

Bedding- Primark :)
I love this pug bedding from primark.. its so cute and its reversible! And my dreamcatchers above my bed to steer away the nightmares!

Extra storage for clothes! Which I definitely need.. Spot my 'home sweet home' plaque.. I love this!

Lots of books and perfume and make up... surprise!

My necklace holder and my ONED calender :)

My new uni room everyone!
It's only little and we aren't allowed to paint but i do love it.. so cute!
What do you think?

Monday, 16 September 2013

OOTD: Floral Velvet

Shirt- Primark - £10.00
Skirt- Primark- £8.00
Necklace- Vintage- £4.00
Cardigan- Primark- £12.00
Scarf- Boot Sale- 50p

Hello! Sorry it's been a long time since my last post... The uni move in really takes its toll I've worked all weekend and started university today so tonight I am well and truly knackered!! Currently sat in my PJs watching crap T.V ... Yes i know what your thinking... I am wild and out of control. 
I am all settled in my new uni house which is so cute (room post coming soon!)... and time seems to be flying. We've been given the details of our final year at university and I am nothing short of terrified.. exams, placement and getting a job... oh god.. deep breaths! 

This was my first outfit back at uni.. I plan on doing an outfit post every time I go in.. the outfits wont be anything special just a little insight into my wardrobe!! I am in love with all of my new bits from Primark.. everything is so amazing at the moment.. go check it out!

How are all of you at the moment? 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

MAC Up the amp

Richard got me this lipstick as one of our four year anniversary presents.. God Bless! He chose this himself as well.. great minds think alike I was thinking about getting this shade as I don'y have anything similar in my collection!

The vibrant purple Amplified shade is exactly how it looks in the tube. The pigmentation is gorgeous and the lipstick is creamy and long lasting. It looks amazing with my standard neutral smoky eye for a night out... or if your brave with your lip colours (like me!) during the day to give a pop of colour to an outfit!

This is such a unique shade and I think it would suit most skin tones... If your unsure of colour you could gently apply this and add some lipgloss to give a light girly finish! Or apply layers for a bold colour... I think this will become one of my favourite lipsticks ever!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Keep Haulin' Haulin' Haulin'

H&M- £7.99
Just found this t shirt hilarious...

H&M- £9.99
Geeky and comfortable.. perfect :) I hate prices which involve 99p though.. too used to work prices!

Primark- £6
Bought this a few sizes up this looks amazing on.. super slouchy and super comfy! Can't wait to wear this for uni with a midi skirt and some ankle boots!

MORE Cami tops.. I really need to stop but I have already worn all three of these.. easy to style and perfect for styling up and down! They were all a fiver.. can't really beat the price either!

ASDA- £12
Its coming up to the time where I start buying clothes for teacher wear! This dress is perfect as it hits at the knees but I've been wearing it with a belt to sinch it in at the waist for day time wear and it looks great!

Naughty jewellery buys!
Necklace- £3
Rings- £1.50