Friday, 9 January 2015

Hat and Scarf- Internacionale
Skirt- Dorothy Perkins
Shirt- Primark
Gilet- ASOS
Boots- TK Maxx

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


DROOOOOOOLING over this... Primark Spring/ Summer 2015!
Nothing gets me more excited than a new Primark collection and this is the first one in three years I haven't worked there for and this breaks my heart after seeing all of the amazing collection!

The biker shirt... it looks so expensive and hope it looks just as expensive in real life.. love this concept and this will look so chic with some ripped jeans and sliders!

Culottes seem to be huge in the Primark collection (as well as dreamy two pieces!) however, I don't think this is a trend I will be jumping on as I am way too short and round to rock it! Midi skirts will do please!

I already own the skirt version of the tropical two piece and need the crop top to complete my gorgeous skirt. I would wear it with a chunky pair of sandals.. like those.. I love those! Very me.. Is anyone else glad chunky ugly shoes are actually fashionable?! Because I definitely cannot walk in stilettos! 

My two favorites which NEED to be in my life are the boat print two piece and the lemon perspex clutch! PLEASE let them come to me! I can imagine the clutch adding a fun edge to any outfit and the two piece will just look gorgeous on holiday with a tan.

Is there anything you have seen and love?
What is your favourite piece here?!

Thursday, 1 January 2015


Here it goes... I seem to never write on the blog any more... Maybe I'll get into the swing of things and manage writing a blog with work life one day soon.
2014 has been crazy... Going from a student living away from home to a working adult living at home is such a dynamic change. It's such a mix of emotions leaving behind a life full of jagerbombs on a school night to marking books and planning for the next day! Yes, I will always long for the student days but being able to teach makes me know that 2014 has been an unbelievable year. And here are the highlights....


This gorgeous angel being brought into my life...


Beach walks...

These two playing such a huge part in 2014 for me...


Knowing I'm old when I can't even be bothered to celebrate my birthday!

Cocktail nights with Hels...

Becoming closer to these angels...

Celebrating Jamie's birthday in Hull...

Oscars selfie... 191 Reunion

A trip to tropical world and Roundhay park...

St. Paddy's Day...


Standard Lecture...

Disney Fancy Dress...

Deaf Havana...

More Disney goodness...

More fancy dress... With a giant chilli pepper

Just Bishop...


Helen's Birthday

Sami and Rachel's presentation night...

House Parties...

Feeling Proud...


YES thats me!! :D Exciting!

GOODBYE LEEDS TRINITY... It's been a blast!

Great revision techniques...

It's all over.. WE MADE IT! So much love and support from this girl throughout uni... what an angel x

Grad Ball...


Love these guys...

Me trying to be lady like...

What a set of angels...

Look at us all qualified!

Kareoke night...

Finding out I got a 2:1 on HOLIDAY!!!


YES! We did it!!

So much joy on this day!

Happy Graduation Guys! Uni is definitely all over now!

Picnic Cinema! Watching the woman in black and camping at Bowes museum.. Amazing!

A night out with a sombrero... WOW!

BIG SELFIE... who needs a selfie stick anyway?

5 long years.. this boy needs a medal!

Bellamadena.. What a stunning holiday!

The boys doing TUDHOE CC proud!

Chester ZOO!



August had lots of group selfies...

So much love for new friends as well as old!


Bagged a temporary job in a gorgeous school... Miss McGough's class room.. Sounds scary! A quiet month adjusting to teaching life.


Visiting Leeds..

Staff night out..

Gorgeous boy!

My partner in crime...


Completing my first assembly! Boy was I proud!

Meals with Richie..

Visiting Whitby...

Pumpkin Carving...



Happy 60th Birthday PAPA! :)

Gemski's birthday..

Visiting the Georgian house in Auckland Castle...

Watson sandwich..


Bonfire night...

Fenwicks window..

Shopping with Mam..

Bonfire Night... look at that gorgeous man!

More halloween...

Visiting Malton and Castle Howard..




Staff Party! I loved this night!!!

Gemma's staff night out... KAREOKE

Seeing this gorgeous boy! ahhh

Boxing Day!

Christmas Visits!


Christmas Walks around Durham..

Christmas Markets...


Love you all- If you have contributed to this year whether it was small or large.. thank you.