Sunday, 23 March 2014


A long over due haul, I haven't currently got any money #studentproblems so these bits were bought a month or so ago and I've been meaning to post them... Better late than never ey?!

Primark- £6.00
I love this! I love how it looks but every time I've gone to wear it I look in the mirror and think... REFEREEEEEE! ... I will grow some balls and wear it properly soon though!

Primark- £5.00
I think I'm seriously attracted to this pastel blue colour at the moment.. I am drawn to everything in this gorgeous powder blue, this quilted tshirt will look gorgeous, Can't wait to wear it!

Topshop- £8.00
This was reduced from £45! Wowza... It is made of the most beautiful silky material and will be perfect for my holiday teamed with a maxi skirt!

Primark- £10
So many gorgeous colours flying around Primark at the minute, at one end there are the lovely pastels then at the other end these gorgeous rich jewel colours. This crepe material skirt looks super expensive, I can imagine topshop selling something similar! It wraps all the way over giving it a lovely shape as well.

Topshop- £6.30
I wanted this dress when it was full price and could never find it in my size... So imagine how excited I was when I found it in my local topshop £31 cheaper than I was originally going to pay! Bargain, I reckon this will look amazing all year round as well!

All of the next few items are from ASDA, I got them for my placement but still LOVE them.
Asda- £12
I love the print of this dress, yes it's garish but that is probably half of the reason that I love it!

Asda- £6
I love the lace panels in this shirt and the print is dreamy... ahh!

Asda- £5.00
Another garish leopard print but in this baby pink/lilac colour, something a bit different, and the shape is lovely on the body!

Asda- £6.00
I am wel aware I need to step away from the daisy print now.. I literally own waaay too much floral stuff! 

Topshop- £1.00
Managed to nab these little nail polishes up for a quid each.. couldn't say no, love the formula of topshop nail varnishes!

Both Primark £5.00
Couldn't resist the print on either of these... especially that flamingo crop top! IN LOVE!

Primark- £1.50
A pretty girly colour for me to be honest, not really the biggest pink wearer but these looks lovely with grungy outfits to make them more girly!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Collection Gothic Glam Lipstick Collection

Collection Gothic Glam Lipsticks- £2.99
These lipsticks are right up my street, I love any vampy lip colours so when I saw that these had came out I had to get them! I couldn't just choose one so I had to buy all three.. because that is what a sane person does... I did justify it because one came from my boots points though and the small price tag of course.

Packaging: I love the packaging of these lipsticks, the black and gold together looks so sleek and way more expensive than the tiny price tag.

1. Seduction
In Tube: This colour looks more of a pinky red, not quite as vampy as I was hoping for!
On my lips: 
Colour: I loveeeee this colour on my lips! The colour is much vampier when it applies and creates a lovely pinky toned shade!
Texture: The texture of this lipstick is creamy and applies really well a winner in my books.
Wearability: This colour is very wearable I'd wear this on a daily basis which I think is difficult to find with a vampy shade of lipstick (even if I wear them all the time! OOPS) This lipstick lasted for quite a while on my lips too so is pretty durable!

2. Scorned
In the tube: A gorgeous deep purple, very gothic looking like no other shade in my collection!
On my lips: 
Colour: I adore the colour but have a serious issue with it going patchy on my lips when first applying- be careful when applyng this, don't just do it slap dash! I would say this is very similar to MAC's hang up!
Texture: Also a lovely texture, really creamy and moisturising, I didn't even need to apply balm before this.
Wearability: This shade is definitely one for the night time with it being really vampy, it's not to everyone's taste but I personally adore these rich colours. The staying power of this is also fab! 

3. Revenge
In the tube: Last but not least... my favourite.. go and buy this now! I adore this colour in the tube it looks slightly more red in the tube...
On my lips: 
Colour: The colour on your lips is just gorgeous a deep red/berry shade, similar to rebel and diva my MAC, it belongs to the same colour family at least! 
Texture: It applies super well.. .glides on and gives a lovely finish!
Wearability: I have been wearing this day and night..It's actually a great lipstick to have to carry you over from day to night... it's not too brash and in your face! The durability is pretty good too!

I looooove these lipsticks!

Hope your Sunday is wonderful!
R x

Friday, 14 March 2014

The Secret Garden...

Tee- Primark- £6.00
Leather Skirt- Primark- £10.00
Socks- Topshop- £3.50
Air Max- Office- £69.99
Fur Gilet- HnM- £24.99
Bag- Urban Outfitters- £20.00
Coin- Topshop- Gift
Amythest Chain- Car Boot Sale- 50p
Long Amythest Chain- Dorothy Perkins- £1.00

Hello everyone! Had a wonderful few days in this glorious sunshine and now I'm stuck inside looking out to a dull day... WHERE HAS THE SUNSHINE GONE? :( Rich came down to visit me in Leeds whilst I'm at uni such a lovely break away from the stresses of final year work. We decided to visit the gardens near Roundhay park and of course went to Tropical World to pay a visit to the meerkats!

How are you all?
Robyn xoxo

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Tee- H&M- £12.99
Skirt- ASDA- £14
Necklace- Matalan- £1

Not great outfit shots ... the room is a pig sty! Just another throw on outfit... This is the kind of thing I will be throwing together for uni for the next few weeks... comfortable but curte! I feel like such a school girl in this tartan kilt, I love the colours of it though!

Hope everyone is well 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

I don't know about you... I'm feeling 22!

I was blessed to be teaching on my birthday this year, not that i'm complaining, I had a lovely day showered with happy birthdays, songs and cards from  the children, a pretty quiet but lovely birthday, massive contrast from last year! I went out for a meal with my gorgeous family and boyfriend and was seriously spoilt by all of my amazing friends! I ended up having a week long birthday with different presents getting given to me!
Huge huge thank you to everyone who made me birthday brilliant :)
thank you
here are my birthday presents!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Powder Blue

Love this jumper! It may well look like something your Grandma would wear but the colour is just gorgeous! Just a casual outfit for handing my assignment in today!

Blue Jumper- Primark- £10
Spotty Dress-  Primark- £5
Scarf- ASOS- Present
Necklace- eBay- £2.77
Bunny Ear Scrunchie- eBay- 99p