Thursday, 14 June 2012

OOTD: acid and leather

Jeans- Asda
Leather Jacket- Carboot Sale- Originally from New Look
Shoes- Topshop
Shirt- Dorothy Perkins
Necklace- Ebay
Bracelets- Lloret Market

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

NOTW: Lilac Glitter!

No good at taking photos of nails yet! One day!
Love love love lilac nails :) probably my favourite! This bottle is nearly empty and when I found this lilac glitter polish in primark I had to get it!
I was only going to glitterfy my ring finger however... as you can tell from the bottle... there was a slight glitter explosion.. beautiful quality nail varnish... abso turd packaging! 
Robyn xo

Monday, 11 June 2012

Wishlist #1

So i decided to do this wishlist after seeing it everywhere! I LOVE all of these items and have had my eye on them for a while... Next pay day may be a possibility!
1. Tie Dye Vest Dress- Miss Selfridge- £39.00- I am a sucker for anything tie dye and with this being pastel- which I adore- it makes it very summery- also, the skater style would be very flattering for me however, 39 quid is very expensive- this might just have to be a wish and not a want!
2. ARRK Black Chole Flatform Shoe-Ark- £24.99- These are gorgeous I saw them when shopping in leeds, I'd wanted some flatform shoes for ages as I never wear heels on nights out yet I am one of the smallest of my friends- I just can't DO heels! :) So these are gorgeous! Plus, the ankle strap is very flattering.
3. Scene Printed Cutout Tunic- Miss Selfridge- £28.00- I saw this yesterday when I went shopping and oh it is actually beautiful! This photo doesn't do it justice- the beautiful scene on the front in the chiffon material and the jersey twisted back is lovely- great price too!
4. Gold Geometric Triangle Earrings- Miss Selfridge- £5.00- I love geometric shapes within jewellery I think it will never tire so I am definitely going to be picking these up!
5. Stud Swing Cami Top- Topshop- £28.00- This is beautiful however, I cannot justify the price for a crop top ... maybe temptation might take over!
6. Peace Tee- Topshop- £22.00- Every time I go into topshop I always pick this up! It would be such a staple and the glittery peace sign is just gorgeous! However, I have so many t shirts I can never justify it... Just need to find the right skirt which demands me to buy this tee!

Blogging two days in a row! Check me out! Hopefully this will continue!! :) 
Robyn x

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Holiday Shopping!

Hello you wonderful little blog- it's good to be back!
After a hectic two months what with having to write five assignments (NIGHTMARE!), finishing my second year of university, sorting out my primark transfer and going on my first holiday including  trying to have a social life i'm back for the summer!
I'm now working in Darlington Primark which is going well and I have just returned from Lloret de mar which was fabulous- we stayed near fenals beach which is the timid end of Lloret as I went with my parents, such a relaxing holiday with too much food and alcohol indulgence! So this is where the shopping comes in ... shopping for my next holiday to ... BENIDORM... it should be amusing :) so here are my lovely buys!
Wine maxi skirt- Primark- £10.00
Peace crop top- Topshop- £12.00
I LOVEEEEEE this outfit :) ... I wore my black maxi skirt so much on holiday I decided to treat myself to another one and this was definitely my favourite! The material is actually really lovely and flows beautifully. I think maxi skirts look amazing with crop tops and I love crop tops but wouldn't dare wear them without a  high waistline ... HELL NO! That would not be nice! Is it me or is topshop getting much more reasonable with some of their prices? 12 for this is fab!

Jimi Hendrix tee- Hnm- £5.00
Acid Wash jeans- Asda- £16.00
I wanted this top full price so when I found it for a fiver I snapped it up and these jeans.. ahhh  i love them! The photo doesn't do them justice they're a beautiful pinky colour and fit beautifully- ankle grazers! I hate jeans too I find them really uncomfy and unflattering but these are great!

Sequinned mint green tee- Asda- £12.00
Lovely again.

Grey Oversized tunic- £16.00
This did not photograph well however I can reassure you it is lovely on! a-la llymlrs

PINK OVERLOAD... this is a shock from me too I'm usually colour phobic. These were naughty buys but  I seriously love them :D
Tie Dye Clutch- £20.00- Topshop
Pink Vectras- £28.00- Topshop
Pink Flossys- Lloret- 8 euro

New Rings from my holiday :)
Most from the market but the bottom right are from claires

New Pandora bracelet with ghost charm :)
and the rest are market stall :)

I hope you all enjoyed this! Please give me any suggestions :)
Robyn xo