Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Ever so irritating... placement that is.
Getting graded is so confusing at times... some days i just wonder whether i'm I'm on the right path.
The practical side is amazing, being with the children and teaching them new and wonderful things is delightful.
But there is also the side to which I am unsure of- the hidden hours teachers work, the amount of grief they get from parents even when they are doing a fabulous job, being constantly looked at and criticised for EVERYthing, what you wear, your make up, your general appearance (surprisingly), your attitudes and your use of standard English.
Now this is the thing that bugs me, I can write you a poem and a story no problem however, when it comes to speaking in standard English I have no clue whatsoever- I try my best to pronounce my 'you's' etc. properly but my northern twang just won't allow me. I have tried but if any of you have ever spoken to me you will soon realise that I have my Durham twang embedded in every bone of my body.
Don't get me wrong I am extremely proud of my roots and where I belong however, moving to Leeds and being told by my tutor my speech was far to 'fast' and my accent was too 'strong' to understand is a tough thing to hear when it's everything that I am. I mean my accent isn't that bad... Well I didn't think so. Ah well... All is well.. Everything is going extremely well actually- being trusted with a class on my own is a big step in such a tight ship of a school however, I am extremely proud that I have earned the trust of my colleagues and will be extremely sad to part next Friday.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

20... leaving the teenage years behind.

my birthday was last weekend...there is no denying that tears were shed about turning twenty, just want to be young forever, however now i might start getting treated like an actual adult :) i was spoilt rotten from my parents, boyfriend and friends :) we did the otley run in leeds last saturday on my actual birthday and all got very drunk and had a great time :) ... TIME FOR THE PHOTOS :)

yes that is me as lady gaga! pretty epic outfit if i do say so!
more birthday 'gift' photos to come :)