Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 6, Monday: If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'?

I laze around on a daily basis, reading blogs, drinking fruit tea and watching youtube. I am a full time student but studying primary ed so it sometimes means i do ten weeks of placement... which is hell getting out of bed. I also work part time in Primark :) and I go out and get drunk alot.. pretty much it really.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Blogging In May...

May WILL be my month for rambling and trying to get on a straight and narrow path with EVERYTHING!
Uni work, Real work, Life, Fitness, Nutrition... It needs to have more order in it and I am in one place for the whole month which should be helpful :)

I decided a great way to do this was to follow this blog post.. helps with inspiration-
So seeing as we are five days into May i'm going to make a huge blog post and do all of the first five :)

Day 1, Wednesday: The story of your life in 250 words or less (or one paragraph... no one will be counting your words... probably)

I was born in a small town called Bishop Auckland and was raised in a place called Spennymoor and have lived in the same house my whole life. My two older brothers (By 15 years) adored me when I was a baby as I was a girl magnet! I have two of the most loving and incredible parents who have given me everything I have ever wanted in life and are the cutest couple ever being married for 35 years! When I was little I used to line up my teddies and teach them my ambition must have spanned from this! I attended a great primary/secondary school and stayed on for sixth form in which I met some of the most incredible people. Makes me sad thinking back to sixth form and school what I'd give for it to happen all over again. Now I'm nearly finished my third year of university, thank god for four year courses!

Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know alot about or are good at. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)

I have taken part in many a show and love performing (embarrassing as it may be!)
I took a main part in a pantomime and had to dress as a boy.. hard to disguise these bad boys but we managed! However I got laryngitis during this show and I have never been as good since! But i still love it and hopefully will get back to performing once I have finished Uni! :)

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable
 Being alone.
Broken bones.
Getting horrible spots/coldsores.
Tight clothing.
Smelly people.

Day 4, Saturday: Favorite quote (from a person, from a book, etc) and why you love it

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and focus on what could go right.

This emulates everything I believe in life at the moment.
Always afraid so I start to focus on the positives instead of the negatives in life.

Day 5, Sunday: Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? Why do you love them? If you don't have blogger friends, talk about a real-life friend or even a family member

My best friend- My Mam! :)
What a great lady, she has been through so much and is still one of the strongest most inspiring people I know. I love her sooooo much! :D