Thursday, 7 November 2013

My favourite necklaces...

Topshop- £5.50
Love this gorgeous chunky chain... So angular and a real statement piece!

eBay- £3.00

Car Boot Sale- £1.00

Lanzarote- £4.00

Primark- £3.00

Rose Gold- H&M- £6.99
Silver- eBay- 99p

Vintage- £4.00

Dolly Bow Bow- £8.00

Retro Shop- £8.00

Dorothy Perkins- £1.50

Claire's- £2.00

New Look- £6.99

Accessorize- £4.00

New Look- £6.99

Dorothy Perkins- £3.00

Bunny-Jewellerybyjaymie- Gifted won in a prize
Dinosaur- Kukee- Gifted

Vintage- £4.00

Topshop - £10.00

Primark- £1.00

Silver- Topman- £1.00
Gold- Topshop- £3.50

Car Boot Sale- £1.00

Dorothy Perkins- £2.00

Dorothy Perkins- £2.00

Hamsa Hand- Primark- £2.00
Peace Sign- Urban Outfitters- £8.00
Amythest- Dorothy Perkins- £2.00

Disney Couture- £35.00

Disney Couture- Gifted

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

bad hair day...

Jumper- Primark
Shirt- Urban Outfitter Renewal
Skirt- Topshop
Boots- Primark
Hat- New Look

Necklace- New Look

Hello All!
This blog post may be a part of procrastination as I currently have an essay to write... the joys of final year!
But it's also because I haven't blogged in such a while.. I was getting on a roll then BOOM... I'm not going to go into too much depth.. but uni is getting tough.. so there may be a lack of posts coming .. I am of course going to try and keep going! I am also incredibly ill ... hence the horrendous baggy eyes in all photos! Damn autumn/winter and your cold bringing tendencies! It may be my favourite season but I hate the sniffly nose and sore throat!

I am IN LOVE with this hat.. I even want to buy a back up in case it gets ruined! 

Till Next Time,

Friday, 1 November 2013

October in Instagram Photos...

Chicken Katsu Curry/
Selfie No.1- Night out to HIFI/
 OOTN- Kimono- H&M/
OOTD- Blouse and Belt- Charity Shop, Denim Jacket- Car Boot Sale, Skirt- Primark/
BASTILLE- Dan Smith... Gorgeous and AMAZING live!/
Train Maths Work!/
Me and Rich after Ellie Goulding (who was also AMAZING!)/
Tough relationship times... What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!/
Jasmine Tea with Mama Bear/
Selfie No. 2- Emily's Birthday drinks/
Me at Bastille with a pint and a floral crown!/
True Quote... Getting stuff back on track thank god!... Every relationship has there ups and downs!/
Desperate times drinking from a pan/
Selfie No.3- Night out to Control/
My gorgeous best friends!/
Trinity Kitchen Opening!/
Sami at Bastille!/
My lovely parents visiting me in Leeds <3/
Haul ... Which can be found here! /
Uni OOTD... Love this! :D ... Dress- ARK, Cardigan- Miss Selfridge, Boots- Matalan/
PINK HAIR DON'T CARE!... Necklace- Disney Couture