Thursday, 31 October 2013



I am writing this from the past bloggersphere as I will be getting very drunk on the 31st OCTOBER! ... SO exciting :) I thought I'd leave a few fancy dresses I've done whilst being at university down below... Halloween and all!!
Standard Boring School Girl...

Creepy ASS Witches...

Emily's sick make up skills!

Snow White


Make Up Practice...

Zombie Nurse...


Mad Hatter...

Super Hero...

Now onto some of my favourite Pins...

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Ootn: Date Night

Hello! Happy Wednesday Eve! :)
I hope everyone is having a good day! I have had a very stressful one no lies! Finding out about final year placement and applying for jobs followed by a trashed shift at work! To all primark shoppers... if you see a mirror... do not dump your items of clothes next to the mirror.. I pulled 26 coats off one stand today! TWENTY SIX! Days like today make me realise how much I dislike retail... not because of the jobs or the employees but the customers... Don't get me wrong there are some wonderful people out there but it seems to be few and far between these days! 
Apart from that... this OOTD was taken on Saturday when I went out for dinner with Richard :)

Dress- ARK- £12.00
Gilet- HnM- £24.99
Scarf- Charity Shop- £2.50
Socks- Primark- £1.50
Boots- JC- Present


How are you all?

Monday, 28 October 2013

Oops another haul...

H&M- £24.99

ARK- £18.99

ARK- £12.00

Primark- £12.00

Primark- £6.00

Primark- £6.00

Primark- £10.00

Primark- £12.00

Primark- £10.00

Primark- £6.00

Topshop- £10.80

Scarf- Charity Shop- £2.50
Love Me Beauty Box- £12.95
Make Up Brushes- eBay- £2.49
Midi Rings- Primark- £1.50
Socks- Primark- £1.50 & £3.00
Tights- Primark £3.00
Boots- Primark- £18.00
Lipsticks- Superdrug & Poundland-£1.00

Surprise I've been shopping again!! :)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

MUA Matte Collection...

Hello lovely blog readers,
When I saw new MUA matte lip colours had been released I made it my quest to hunt all of the shades down! I searched nearly every superdrug with no avail! Until my nearest and smallest superdrug had the light glowing from the MUA stand and there they were in all their £1 glory! You might say that it is dramatic but I love everything lipstick! (Lipstick collection will be following soon...) And MUA is surprisingly one of my favourite brands so I had to try the new formula which left me with mixed feelings!

Totally Nude in Tube:
This looks like a shade I would never ever pick up in store due to it being so Nude.. I'm usually a fan of brights and feel as if I'd need to steer well clear of the concealer lips look but for £1 I thought I'd pick it up. 

On Lips:
I love this on my lips ... a your lips but better shade and not so 'concealer lips' as I once thought. The formula is pretty amazing too! Matte but not drying! I would definitely repurchase!

Pouty Pink- In Tube:
Another shade which I'd probably run a mile from! I am not a girly girl so I don't really love pinks! However, this is a gorgeous bright punchy pink in the tube and would suit most skin tones!

On lips:
This doesn't look as exciting on the lips as I'd have hoped.. It's quite a nude toned pink whereas it looks bright in the tube however, the formula of this one is great too!

Peachy Keen- In Tube:
A lovely coral shade which I love! I feel this would suit most skin tones as well! 

On Lips:
I feel this looks similar to pouty pink on the lips but when the shades are side by side they look nothing alike! As you can tell by my smile I love this shade on my lips... Probably my favourite of the bunch! However the formula of this one is great too... So far so good!

Scarlett Siren- In Tube:
A lovely blue toned red... Would make anyones pearly whites sparkle! I think MUA are AMAZING at making a good red shade.. with 3 belters in their usual collection and this colour can be added to that great list!

On Lips:
Lovely on the lips! The forumla was slightly waxy however, it still applied well and wasn't drying as all.. which is expected from Matte shades... Mac's matte shades are totally drying! They also rather long wearing!

Wild Berry- In Tube:
My favourite by far in the tube.. Loving everything that is plum and purple lipstick!

On Lips:
SOOOOOOO disappointed in this shade :( Which I am extremely sad to say as it was the one I was most excited to get! This was after about ten applications on my lips... the colour pay off is terrible (unlike any other MUA shade I have ever tried!) and it has a horrible waxy texture (unlike the rest of the collection!) I'm hoping I just have a bad tube... Please tell me I'm correct?

There we go a run down of them all... 4 out of 5 ain't bad I suppose! The majority of the lipsticks had a great colour pay off, in a great colour collection! And had a lovely long lasting, non drying texture!
Have you tried these shades?
What are your thoughts?

R x