Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Instagram Update #2

scary selfie/
halloween with the girls/
short arse/
gemmas birthday/
shopping at meadowhall/
german market with rich/
selfie no 37465758458/
richs new car/
onesie day at work/
bye leeds/
x factor night/
revision selfie/
bye exams!/
fellow N.E/
drunk selfie/
gorgeous girls/
pretty decor/
whats inside matters most/
home sweet home/

Sorry for the lack of posts... NOVEMBER has been stressful  to say the least... funerals, exams, revision, essays, placement... ARGH! Where are the mince pies?
Love you all,

Thursday, 7 November 2013

My favourite necklaces...

Topshop- £5.50
Love this gorgeous chunky chain... So angular and a real statement piece!

eBay- £3.00

Car Boot Sale- £1.00

Lanzarote- £4.00

Primark- £3.00

Rose Gold- H&M- £6.99
Silver- eBay- 99p

Vintage- £4.00

Dolly Bow Bow- £8.00

Retro Shop- £8.00

Dorothy Perkins- £1.50

Claire's- £2.00

New Look- £6.99

Accessorize- £4.00

New Look- £6.99

Dorothy Perkins- £3.00

Bunny-Jewellerybyjaymie- Gifted won in a prize
Dinosaur- Kukee- Gifted

Vintage- £4.00

Topshop - £10.00

Primark- £1.00

Silver- Topman- £1.00
Gold- Topshop- £3.50

Car Boot Sale- £1.00

Dorothy Perkins- £2.00

Dorothy Perkins- £2.00

Hamsa Hand- Primark- £2.00
Peace Sign- Urban Outfitters- £8.00
Amythest- Dorothy Perkins- £2.00

Disney Couture- £35.00

Disney Couture- Gifted

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

bad hair day...

Jumper- Primark
Shirt- Urban Outfitter Renewal
Skirt- Topshop
Boots- Primark
Hat- New Look

Necklace- New Look

Hello All!
This blog post may be a part of procrastination as I currently have an essay to write... the joys of final year!
But it's also because I haven't blogged in such a while.. I was getting on a roll then BOOM... I'm not going to go into too much depth.. but uni is getting tough.. so there may be a lack of posts coming .. I am of course going to try and keep going! I am also incredibly ill ... hence the horrendous baggy eyes in all photos! Damn autumn/winter and your cold bringing tendencies! It may be my favourite season but I hate the sniffly nose and sore throat!

I am IN LOVE with this hat.. I even want to buy a back up in case it gets ruined! 

Till Next Time,

Friday, 1 November 2013

October in Instagram Photos...

Chicken Katsu Curry/
Selfie No.1- Night out to HIFI/
 OOTN- Kimono- H&M/
OOTD- Blouse and Belt- Charity Shop, Denim Jacket- Car Boot Sale, Skirt- Primark/
BASTILLE- Dan Smith... Gorgeous and AMAZING live!/
Train Maths Work!/
Me and Rich after Ellie Goulding (who was also AMAZING!)/
Tough relationship times... What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!/
Jasmine Tea with Mama Bear/
Selfie No. 2- Emily's Birthday drinks/
Me at Bastille with a pint and a floral crown!/
True Quote... Getting stuff back on track thank god!... Every relationship has there ups and downs!/
Desperate times drinking from a pan/
Selfie No.3- Night out to Control/
My gorgeous best friends!/
Trinity Kitchen Opening!/
Sami at Bastille!/
My lovely parents visiting me in Leeds <3/
Haul ... Which can be found here! /
Uni OOTD... Love this! :D ... Dress- ARK, Cardigan- Miss Selfridge, Boots- Matalan/
PINK HAIR DON'T CARE!... Necklace- Disney Couture


Thursday, 31 October 2013



I am writing this from the past bloggersphere as I will be getting very drunk on the 31st OCTOBER! ... SO exciting :) I thought I'd leave a few fancy dresses I've done whilst being at university down below... Halloween and all!!
Standard Boring School Girl...

Creepy ASS Witches...

Emily's sick make up skills!

Snow White


Make Up Practice...

Zombie Nurse...


Mad Hatter...

Super Hero...

Now onto some of my favourite Pins...