Friday, 8 March 2013


Sorry for the picture heavy post!
I thought it would be nice to show you what I got for my 21st Birthday! I am seriously lucky! Cannot believe I got all of these things- I have THE BEST family and friends (love you all!!) I got some of these presents on my birthday and bought myself some stuff when I was in London with my spending money! (LDN post coming soon...) I had an amazing birthday!!

As you can tell I bought lots of basics and i LOVE oversized stuff :) And this is only a few of my presents.. Didnt want to make the post TOO long.. (probably is already!)

Rich bought me TONS of socks to go with my new cut out topshop boots!

F21- £12.75
So exciting going to F21 in LDN!! Never been before! Couldnt resist this gorgeous tye dye tee with the plaited detail on the shoulders! Will look amazing in the summer with a maxi skirt!

Topshop- £32
I wore this dress to go to see We Will Rock You I couldnt resist it! The shape is so flattering and the colour is just gorgeous!

Primark- £5

Primark- £3.50
I also got this in black.. so similar to the topshop 'boyfriend' tees at a fraction of the price!

From my new favourite shop! 
Monki- £3

Shirt- Monki- £25

Primark- £5

Beautiful Vest from my gorgeous Uni friends!

Oversized smock dress- Topshop- £42
Pricey I know but I could not resist this! It was my birthday dress too.. :) (keep making excuses to justify it!)

                                                                        Beauty Bits
Most of these things were gifted to me...
Illamasqua Nail Polish- £14.50
Archie's Girls Face Powder- Veronica's Blush- £21.50
MAC Rebel- £14.00
Bumble and Bumble Texture Cream- £9.50

All of these gorgeous pieces were presents! :)
ADORE the ALDO rings from Richard! 

New Boots from Topshop and ARK!
Beanie from Monki
Aztec Bag- Primark

And last but now least my amazing Michael Kors watch! WOW :) 
I love everything about it!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Recent Outfits...


Dress- Topshop
Watch- MK
Lipstick- Rebel by MAC
Shirt- Zara
Jeans- Levis

Skirt- Topshop
Top- Matalan
Leather Gilet, Cardigan and Necklace- Primark
Lipstick- Hang Up by MAC

Gilet and Cardigan- Primark
Dress- Topshop
Necklace- Primark
Scarf- Primark

Crop Top- Topshop
Skirt- Internacionale
Boots and Socks- Topshop

Cardigan- Vintage
Skirt and Top- Topshop
Vans- Office

Dress and Tights- Primark
Boots- ARK
Necklace- Dorothy Perkins

Top and Skirt- Topshop
Denim Gilet- Matalan

Shirt- Vila
Vest- Primark
Leather Skirt- Primark

Friday, 1 March 2013

I'm going to London...

Hello! I am now a fully fledged adult! Life has been wild, my 21st Birthday celebrations were spectacular and now I am on the slow road to recovery and life as an adult! :)

I am off to LONDON! In two days and I thought why not make a wishlist of things I want whilst I'm there? So here it is...

I always LOVE making wishlists and find it hard to whittle it down to under 10 items but here they are!

1. A new MAC  lipstick! I'm leaning towards Rebel as my signature lippy of the moment is MAC's Hang Up which is slowly coming to a dignified end so I thought why not try a new berry shade! I've been eyeing up Russian Red for a while too, any thoughts?

2. A new pair of Vans! My current ones are battered so a new pair would be lovely- but which?!

3 & 4. My boyfriend kindly said he was going to buy me a new pandora ring for my 21st birthday :) I love the twisted band and huge gem on number three but the multiple band on number four is gorgeous! Ah decisions...

5 & 6. I LOVE nail varnish and I also LOVE holographic things. These new holographic nail varnishes by topshop are BEAUTIFUL :) bring me them please! Im not a huge pink fan on my nails but this colour just looks incredible!

7. I have an addiction to buying skater skirts.. I own far too many but I don't think I'll find a style of skirt that I will ever love more. This one needs to join my collection. So 90's. So girlband! Yes please!

8. A new pair of sunnies for the spring/summer time would be great too! Were already starting to have some sunny days which is exciting and definitely beats the snow! :) The chain detailing on the side of these is gorgeous!

9. This crop top will look beautiful with a maxi skirt on holiday... Love the cut out detail on the back too :)