Sunday, 12 January 2014

Post Christmas Blues...

Sales... and not so sales! Shopping after Christmas because the best day in the world is over :(
Half Price Stardust- £13

Half Price Santa Clause- £4.50

Half Price Snow Fairy- £6.25

Half Price NO7 Skincare gift set- £8.00

Vintage Blazer- £10

Oversized Cardigan-Boots- £7

Baseball Jersey- Primark- £7

Daisy Swing Dress- Primark- £10

T Shirt Dress- River Island- £10

Cami- Primark- £4

Drape Shirt-Topshop- £15

Bedding- Primark- £6

Velvet Playsuit- Topshop- £20

Tartan Swing Dress- Primark- £10

Midi Skirt- Topshop- £5.00

Crop Tee- Primark- £1.00

Collared Jumper- Primark- £5.00

Floral Black Tee- Primark-  £5.00

Skort- Primark- £10.00

Baseball Jersey- Primark- £6.00

Collared Jumper- Primark- £5.00

Jumper- River Island- £15.00

Collared Tee- Primark- £6.00

Collared Tee- Primark- £6.00

Daisy Tee Dress- Primark- £6.00

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What I Got for Christmas...

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas... for two weeks ago! Here are some of the lovely gifts I received this Christmas.. I was spoilt!
Diva by MAC

Vivienne Westwood Watch

Lush Set

Tartan Skirt from ASDA- £14 now in the sale!

Velvet Smock Dress- Small Shop in Leeds- £10

Doughnut Tee- TK MAXX originally Workshop- £9.99

Jumper- Primark- £10

Playsuit- ARK- £27.99

Fleetwood Mac Tee- Primark- £10

Kimono- Matalan- £10

Blue Glitter Disco Pants- Asda- £12 now in the sale!

Cheap Monday Tee- TK MAXX- £7.99

Shirt- Primark- £10

Puma Trainers- TK MAXX- £22

Supergas- TK MAXX- £7

New foundation and concealer, korres lip butter in pomegranate, real techniques blush brush, hd brows in foxy, eyeko eye curlers, naked 2!

1D, Buddha money bank, Signed Jeremy Strong book!



Topshop gift set!

Random Bits

Julia Donaldson book collection!

My baby...

One Direction perfume, Nicki Minaj and Lady Million

New Mustard bag, Glitter gloves- ARK, Glitter Beanie- Urban Outfitters, MIKE! and a burgundy bowler!