Wednesday, 31 August 2011

730 days...

This is a bit of a soppy blog, so if you are feeling sick do not read... i repeat DO NOT READ. :)
Well today has been a bit of a special day- my two year anniversary with my beautiful boyfriend- Richard. They have been an emotional two years what with us being separated by university etc. resulting in a few bumps along the way however, he really does make me grin from ear to ear whether it be with his boring science facts (he is a chemistry graduate) or his dry sense of humour. Also, his very silly side ... very silly for 22 year old!
Today I woke up early with my freshly dyed (kind of ginger) hair and freshly painted nails and headed over Richards where i was greeted with a ham and cheese toastie and a cup of tea ... he knows how to sweep me off my feet what can I say!

We ventured out to the metro centre to go to wagamamas and to see one day ... but decided against it due to the enourmous queues! So just wagamamas and shopping it was! ... He kindly treated me to my meal so I treated myself to a fab mac lipstick - Please Me a beautiful muted pink with a corally undertone... DIVINE! :)
So anyways ... here are a few photos of what has been a fabulous day .. i love my boy <3

Friday, 12 August 2011

It's Friday! :)

It's Friday night which usually means one thing... i'm either bored or drunk! :) or possibly still hungover from our Thursday night adventures (depends how interesting they get.)

Had a great few days ... Thursday was filled with shopping (being dragged along by Lucy) to the metro centre... one of my favourite places to go as walking around it feels like shopping is some kind of extreme sport due to the never-ending shops! :) Lucy spent around 2 hours in topshop ... I thought I loved topshop but Lucy seriously takes it to the next extreme.. everthing she owns is from there! I just wish she'd put some weight on so i could steal her clothes! I ended up getting some sunnies , two scarves and some welly socks from primark and a gorgeous grey fringed grungy top from new look (definitely attending Leeds Fest with me!)

Then we went out to Bishop on the night ... as uninteresting as Bishop may appear I have had many a good night there... not on the same scale as Leeds but home is where the heart is! The night started with a few quiet drinks and getting ready in Lucy's house! Then got slightly hazy as we hit spoons...then the next bar...then even hazier at the next! Haha but here are a few photos from the night!

Apologies for the last one... believe it or not that ring cost £200 and James was trying to teach me how to work the bling... as you can see i really failed. My playsuit was from Henry Holland @ Debenhams- £25 ... quite steep but i seriously love this, i have it in another colour scheme too! Lilac and pink :) my bandeau was just from a car boot sale market stall for a quid! :)

So I got to bed at 4am and woke up at 9 for Lucy to get me home... and to much of my delight i had a lovely package from llymlrs and her store! I purchased the 5 stone rings and here is what they looked like!

What a delight! I think they look lovely! Such quick delivery and excellent quality!
So after a whole afternoon of sleeping Gemma rang and asked me if I wanted to go for a meal at her restaraunt- Fifty 3 in Spennymoor! Such a beautiful little Italian restaraunt.. I couldn't say no! I had potato skins for starter then chicken skewers for my main! Delish! :) Then we ventured to our local for a spot of karaoke! ... Funny but painful :) So I have had a lovely few days! Hopefully be blogging again soon!

Wearing my favourite ring from the collection! Apologies for my silly face on the bottom photo (and terrible quality... can't afford a camera until my student loan reappears!) My bandeau top was from topshop sale-£3, bird print shirt was dorothy perkins sale- £8, jeggings... which is probably the closest thing i've worn to jeans in years! are from primark- £11 and my pumps were £15 from topshop. :)

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

today is a fresh start...

Recently I have been visiting a lot of blogs from various twitter/tumblr/facebook/youtube accounts and have really admired the ones I have been visiting. I have decided to give blogging a go myself. It seems like a fantastic hobby and way to collect my thoughts within one area.

I am currently studying Primary Education at Leeds Trinity University and I am just about to enter my 2nd year out of 4. I decided blogging would be a perfect way to evoke my work/ fashion ideas/ thoughts and opinions. Also stories about being at university and hopefully the adventures I shall be partaking along the way.

This is what I currently look like above ^^^^^^. Yes purple hair... It used to be a mousey brown kind of colour which may be making a reappearance at some point. I am a curvy girl and I love my shape. I obviously avoid anything tight fitting and try to dress appropriately for my figure.

I am from a small village called Tudhoe which is just on the outskirts of Durham so at the moment (summertime!) I am at home. However, Leeds will be my home from September onwards in my beautiful new house in Headingley!

So there we have it... my first blog! Hopefully I shall be able to keep this habit up! :)